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Amber AuBuchon

Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Amber AuBuchon, LMT and graduate of Georgia Massage School. I was inspired to begin a career in massage therapy after overcoming a long battle with sciatica. On my road to recovery I learned how pain can be a great teacher, but also how the body can heal itself when we give it what it truly needs. We all can begin to heal and transform our lives when we turn to the full spectrum of health and I believe that massage can play an integral part in reconnecting to our whole self. My massage techniques blend classical styles of relaxation with deeper focused work to create a customized session for what you need to achieve more balance, calm and renewal. I look forward to meeting new faces and helping clients here at PHC on our shared journeys to wellness. Often busy with my 2 children, I enjoy making art, baking and sometimes binging on tv or sleep.

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